Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Equilateral Triangle quilt and more Tula Pink

I have finally finished my Equilateral Triangle quilt that I started in Jeni Baker's class at Sewing Summit. To be honest, I am not the type of gal who can just put things together randomly, so it was a real effort to consciously not to think too much about color placement. I basically put all the triangles in a big bag, shook them all about, then made a pile, from which I just took one, sewed it, took another, sewed it and so on. The only time I would not use it if it was identical to the triangle I had just sewed.  Otherwise, I knew I would overthink it and the colors would look too "organised".

I hope to get the back made for it this weekend and basted. I have decided I am not going to start any more quilts until I have cleared my backlog of WIPs.  I have to take that "basting hatred" beast by the horns and just tackle them.  So look out for a ton of finished quilts coming up!!

I am continuing with my Tula Pink blocks. I am still enjoying these and can't wait to start sewing them all together. Here's blocks 76 - 81.


  1. That is super neat! How will you do the edges? I hear ya about UFOs - I let 5 pile up and then I tackle them. I once let 10 get to the FMQ stage and regretted the month I spend doing those :)

  2. I too would try to organise the triangles too much, glad you found a simpe way to randomise them :), lovely

  3. It looks great!!!! Linda

  4. Great equilateral triangle quilt! I like your idea of using a bag to pull triangles - it just took me an hour+ to lay out an equilateral triangle quilt because I kept overthinking fabric placement!


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