Friday, November 01, 2013

Bee blocks and Tula Pink blocks

I am all caught up on my bee commitments. I belong to just 2 bees now, the Mo Stash bee and the 3 x 6 bee, and think I will keep it like this for a while. I love making blocks for others and getting the squishy parcels in the mail, but am finding I have a zillion quilt tops to put together from all my bees, plus I am not getting the time to make my own quilts. Now that summer is coming I will probably spend less time at the computer and at my sewing machine and more time at the beach or gardening.

The first 2 blocks are for Linda in the Mo Stash bee who wanted any combo of aqua, red, chartreuse, fuchsia or dark purple with a white background.  

Modern Stash bee - Linda's (ljs742) block

Modern Stash bee - Linda's (ljs742) block

The next 6 blocks are for a Star hive in the 3 x 6 bee. I loved making these and think I will make a quilt top for myself using this pattern.  I did a log cabin block for the centre and then wonky star points. I have just bought Quiltography for my ipad and love it.  Easy to use and suits my needs perfectly. I was inspired by this pouch and drew it up on the ipad in a few quick minutes.

3 x 6 bee Star hive - Sara's (thompson.sarag) block

3 x 6 bee Star hive - Ella's (shimmyblister) block

3 x 6 bee Star hive - Nicole's (nicolehc) block

3 x 6 bee Star hive - Lis's (menolly13) block

3 x 6 bee Star hive - Anna's (Somethingsewn) block

3 x 6 bee Star hive - Melissa's (hunnybee1977) block

And my Tula Pink blocks from 64-69...


  1. Oooh, yes I love those log cabin/wonky star blocks - will have to go on my list of 'must make one day'!

  2. Beautiful blocks... Your bee block are always amazing :)

  3. Is there a name for the pattern of the first 2 blocks you posted? I'm looking for something very similar. Beautiful!

  4. Lots of wonderful blocks as always Deb!


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