Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wonky stars and bee blocks

When Flea Market Fancy was re-released I bought a FQ bundle and popped it away until I could think of the right quilt I wanted to use it in.  I have really been drawn to quilts with low volume and text fabrics along with the use of bold colour. I love this one, this one and this one, so thought I could do something along these lines.  I really am drawn to stars as well so chose the Parisian Star from the Modern Blocks book. It's a wonky star and I am not so good at wonkiness....I am more of a "have to match it up" kind of girl, so struggle with making the blocks too wonky!  So I pulled a few low volume and text fabrics and my FMF and got to work today.  The blocks stitch up very quickly. I made 4 in a couple of hours. Was too dark to take a photo of the 4th though.

Flea Market Fancy Wonky Stars

Flea Market Fancy Wonky Star

Flea Market Fancy Wonky Star

I have also finished up my bee blocks for the latest round of the 3 x 6 bee.  I chose to join the Pinwheel hive this time round and here are my finished blocks which should now be winging their way across the Pacific!

Pinwheel hive - 3 x 6 bee


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