Friday, July 12, 2013

More Tula Pink

The next 3 blocks in the Tula Pink QAL.  I find them so addictive.  They are so quick to whip up. It's just the cutting that takes the time and deliberating over the fabric choices!

Block 19
Block 20
Block 21

 My eldest daughter had her Senior school ball (I guess the similar thing in the US is the prom?) last weekend.  I have decided she can elope instead of getting married as it was so stressful just getting ready for the ball!!  First, it's deciding on the dress and the shoes which we were lucky enough to pick up when we went to Oz in April. That was a task in itself! Then on the day it was all about hair and make-up. The hair partially fell out while we were getting the make-up done, so amidst tears I organised for a quick re-do. This was at 4.30 and the boyfriend and his parents were arriving at our house at 4.30!  Then he gets all stressed and that stresses her more so more tears!! Crikey!! Anyway here is the result...


  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Oh wow - I know it's so cliche but where did your little girl go? What a gorgeous young woman she's grown into. I hope she had a wonderful time. Ball season makes me glad I have so many boys...

  2. Beautiful blocks, and beautiful daughter! Having been through all the prom drama and all the wedding drama with my daughter, I would highly recommend encouraging an elopement!!


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