Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finished my Birds and Bees quilt

LOVE this quilt.  I adore the fabric, Birds and Bees by Tula Pink. I love the design and I love the way the colours all work so well together. I straight line quilted it following the outlines of the hexagons. I used a Deb Strain stripe for the binding which blends so well with the colours in the quilt.

My 3 favourite fabrics from the range. The Kona solid is Green Tea

The binding is a stripe by Deb Strain.
That's a spot of water from my roses on the top!

My hubby being a dick. He did have another pose,
but that is not for family friendly viewing.

And of course, poor Max wasn't even safe.  Tony is holding him so he can't escape, much to Max's disgust. He certainly didn't want to be wrapped in such a pretty quilt.


  1. It is really stunning, Deb, really stunning. It's clear that Max is not a cat. If he was he would have claimed it his quilt already :)

  2. Oh it is a pretty quilt!! The quilting is perfect for making the design stand out and that green on the back is gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous4:52 AM

    What a beautiful quilt...well done. Love the colours.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous quilt, Deb!! Love it....

  5. Very pretty! You did a nice job with it!


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