Sunday, July 22, 2012


To be honest, I haven't felt like blogging over the last few months.  I have been keeping up with everyone's posts in Google Reader though even if I haven't replied to many of you.   Now that life has resumed to normal for me, I have far too many other things to do other than blog!!

Tony and I have just had a holiday in Hawaii. Oh my gosh, I loved this place.   Since we are in the middle of winter here the warm tropical climate was just divine. I tortured myself my leaving the weather app on my phone and checking it for the next 2 weeks after we got home.  I am already saving for my next holiday there.... did have to buy an extra suitcase for all my shopping though, gulp! 

Overlooking Haunamu Bay...amazing snorkelling

I have been sewing...lots of bee blocks and I have just joined the Tetris Quilt-along that  Melissa is hosting. I chose Kona solids in bright colours. 

First block in the Tetris QAL

Sarah has had the last stage in her journey and had her plate removed from her broken femur a month ago. It all seems like such a age ago and you would hardly believe that 8 months ago, she was unconscious in intensive care.  The human body is an incredible thing.

Sarah a couple of hours after her op.

She has been cutting up fabric today and making wheat bags.  I think we might have a new quilter in the making....


  1. Oh so good to hear from you - just thinking about you the other day, and so many days. Hawaii is my dream destination - lucky you! Oh, sweet pea - reminds me of my daughter - always pookie bear was with her thru all trauma.

  2. Great to hear from you and see all is well

  3. Good to see you back here Deb! Your Hawaiian holiday sounds divine and I'm just a little envious. Pleased that your daughter is well on the way to full recovery.

  4. Wow, your daughter is a trooper. So glad to hear her recovery is going well. I love your tetris block. The solids look fantastic!!!

  5. Glad to see that Sarah is getting better all the time! May I ask what a wheat bag is? Another bag to bring things back in - what happened to that sort of bag from your trip over here last year. My best g/f from Canada has just left with my single Irish Chain off the guest room bed :) I must dash and update my blog. The Tetris block is unique - I love it!

  6. So happy to hear that your daughter is close to putting this all behind her! Give her an extra hug from Canada! She is a real trooper!

    I'm so envious of your Hawaiian trip - it is on my bucket list!

    Tetris is sooo cool! Can't wait to see the finished quilt! How big is it going to be?


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