Sunday, January 02, 2011


Well, doesn't it feel strange to be in a new decade. I can remember when everyone was panicking with Y2K, and that just seemed like a couple of years ago.  Now 10 years have gone by and there have been so many changes in that time....

My father died nearly 6 years ago and I still miss him such a lot, but time is a great healer of easing the pain. I still think of him so often and there is so much I want to share with him....

I completed my family of 3 gorgeous kids who drive me demented at times, but I wouldn't swap them for anything....

I started a business Countrystitch which specialised in hand-dying cross stitch fabric. Back then there were only 4 stores that did this and they were based in the US and Canada.  Ironically, most of my sales were to the US though as our exchange rate at the time meant that my fabrics were cheaper than in the US. However, I created a monster and it was too successful which meant I worked long hours and wore myself out, leaving no time for my family and ME! So sadly after much contemplation, I sold the business and it is still going strong now with its third owner.

I left my husband, because of many reasons but his drinking and violence while drinking was extreme and then I found out he also took illicit drugs, and he was not willing to stop, so I made the very difficult decision for me and my family to end our marriage. He still has not forgiven me, despite having remarried and is supposedly very happy as she lets him drink, smoke and take drugs to his heart's content!

I remarried as well to a wonderful man, Tony, and am incredibly happy. We have been together 5 years and married for 3. We had a lovely wedding with all our kids in Rarotonga.  We complement one another so well and are so in tune with one another it is spooky at times.  And we are always laughing and laughter is such a good tonic.

Our wedding day October 2007

We gained a dog, Max who is the most adorable thing when he is not rolling in sheep or hen manure, dragging disgusting old bones around or pretending he is a Great Dane!

Look Mum, I made a hole in the garden!

We bought a lovely old house in the country. just outside of town.  Here, I potter around in my vegetable garden, talk to the sheep, entertain friends, lie under a tree and read, sew in a sunny room or generally relax. It is my sanctuary as it is away from noise and hustle and bustle (apart from when the 5 kids are here!).

I returned to nursing after a long time away and am loving being back. I was originally doing shift work in an ICU, but took on an educator role 18 months ago that is clinically based on a cardiothoracic and vascular ward. Lovely hours, no night shift (yay!) and a great team of nurses to work with.

And I returned to quilting after a very long break away. I started quilting when I was in my 20s, but then went travelling overseas for several years, then family commitments took over and I got into cross stitch instead. Anyway, I got bitten by the quilting bug again earlier this year and am loving it. I treated myself to a new Bernina 440 QE and have so many quilting plans now!!

New Year's Eve  31 Dec 2010


  1. Deb - how forth coming of you. But you sound content now as you mentioned these words - laughter, relaxing, in-tune, complimenting, and laughter again. I look forward to sharing the quilting fun with you.

  2. Happy New Year Deb. Just love how honest you are, with live love and those 5 kids!
    Much happiness to you and the family.

  3. All the Best for the next decade Deb. My you certainly have had a lot of positive changes in the last 10 years.

  4. Happy New Year, Debbie! I so miss talking to you like we used. I'm glad things are going so well for you. Hope this year is an awesome for you!

  5. Hi Debbie, Happy New Year and thanks for sharing, you have had some tough times so I am happy for you having so many good things in your life:) Although the sewing thing escapes me, I can drive an oven but a sewing machine, no idea!??!!!!!:)

  6. You've had an amazing decade and sound like you have come through so much with your positve attitude and humour. May the next decade be even more fulfilling - especially on the quilting front. Happy New Year!


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