Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kayaking on a cake!

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks now my holidays have finished and I am back at work. Doesn't take long for that holiday feeling to disappear, does it!!

A good friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her daughter's 21st.  She is a very sporty girl into all sorts of outdoor sports and adventure activities...certainly not into traditional cakes at all.  One of her favourite activities is kayaking so I thought she would love something along that theme.

I spent my nights this week fashioning a kayak, rocks, a sporty girl and making the cake.  It has been so hot over here though that within the space of a couple of hours my poor little kayaker had gone from being a very upright smiley gal to a slumped adventurer with no expression!! I ran it past the quality control officer and he reckoned it still looked ok so I hope she doesn't sink any more otherwise she will be under water!!

The party is tonight so I hope she likes it.


  1. How clever is that! I think it is just the bomb - what a lovely gesture on your part. Enjoy the party.

  2. How could she not love it? It's adorable!!!

  3. It's fantastic Deb, and I just love the colours too. Well done you!

  4. Gosh you are one talented lady Deb, love the little man. Well done, a nice gesture.

  5. What a fab cake!! You are a very clever gal!!

  6. Such a fun thing hope she like it


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