Monday, September 25, 2006

School holidays are here

First day of the school holidays and I have 3 sick kids. Yay! Could be making a visit to the dvd store later I think. :-) I love having the kids at home though and spending time with them. And the 2 weeks will go way too quickly.

I finally finished planting out my potager. I just told Tony what I wanted and he built it for me. I wanted something natural for the paths so used shredded cambium bark. Have snow peas and French beans planted to grow up the taller climbing frame, gherkins at the other end on the smaller frame and then all the summer vegies we love to eat...tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, radishes, carrots, zucchini, corn, carrots, lettuces, mesclun, rainbow chard and of course a few strawberry plants. Have sunflowers and herbs to plant yet. The biggest problem will be keeping the cat off the seeds. Don't they just love that freshly dug soil!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. I came home from work and Hannah was cuddling her lamb on the back deck. It looked so relaxed and I am sure it had drifted off to sleep before I got snapping with the camera.

Haven't made much progress on Coffee Menu, but might take the opportunity today to sit and stitch. Have a couple of days off now. I just been so tired that I have been going to bed about 8pm every night! That used to be my stitching time.


  1. The new garden looks terrific! I'd love to have that much space to plant.

  2. Boy I better be sure not to show my hubby your garden pic as he wants to do something like that. Cute pic of Hannah and the lamb. Hope you guys enjoy the time off and that the kiddos feel better soon.

  3. Oh wow. Your garden is going to be awesome. Cute picture of Hannah and her lamby friend!

  4. The potager is looking fantastic... and making me a bit homesick. We have no garden here, vegie or otherwise, only neatly trimmed lawns and a lot of bark chips! I'm thinking that now we're here for a bit longer, I should at least plant a herb garden.

  5. I have found the garden of my dreams. I can't wait to see how your garden turns out.

    Great site.


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