Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coffee Coffee Coffee

I am trying to give up coffee. Not because I want to as I hopelessly addicted to the stuff. However, I was recently diagnosed with a health issue and a couple of the recommendations (along with a host of other things) are that I give up coffee and alcohol or at least limit them. I knew I drank far too much coffee. It wouldn't be uncommon to have 9 or 10 cups a day. Talk about wired!! So I have weaned myself right down to one cup a day and have switched to decaf for the rest of the time. The day would not be the same without my morning coffee.

Do you know how awful that first cup of decaf tasted. Blech! However,
Moccona make a really nice freeze dried decaf that is very palatable.

Now the alcohol might be a different story. With summer coming up you can't beat a nice G & T in the sun. Poor Tony got glandular fever about 6 weeks ago though and isn't allowed to drink for 6 months. I'm thinking "Yay I have a sober driver now". Truth is I probably am not going to benefit from that at all lol.

Kids perked up yesterday so we went shopping for new clothes. I cannot believe how quickly they grow. Mind you their father is 6'5 and I am 5'7 so the odds are stacked against them for being short. Hannah, who is nearly 10, wears the same size shoe as me!! Crikey knows what she will be wearing as a teenager. Actually I couldn't resist buying this T shirt for Sarah, my youngest, that said " I am bad at being good and good at being bad". It just sums her up perfectly.


  1. Good luck with the coffee reduction! Beautiful children Deb!

  2. Good luck with cutting back on the coffee and G&Ts! I've managed to find some fair decaf, but have to buy whole beans for it to have any good taste.

    Very cute picture of the kids. I'm glad they're feeling better.

  3. Oh no, not the coffee!!!! At least Moccona make something drinkable - I keep a jar of it stashed at school because the staffroom coffee is too awful for words.

    Hope that you get to spend some fun times together during the holidays.

  4. Good luck! I'm constantly trying to cut down on my coffee consumpution. I can't stand decaf.


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