Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes: Granny Square quilt completed

Granny Squares quilt

I started this a couple of years ago. Anna from Around the Quilt Block organised a granny square swap. There were 3 background colorways we could choose from...Snow, Charcoal and White. I thought the bright colours would pop on the Charcoal so went for this colour. We had to make 8 blocks in each background colour and put our names down for 2 block colours, so we wouldn't double up on colours. We swapped with 23 other people, so there are 24 unique blocks that we would receive in return.  These are the blocks I made...

Not Your Granny's Bee

This quilt has sat languishing waiting to be finished for a couple of years now. I finally have gotten around to finishing it.  I made an extra 3 granny squares as three I received were far too small to use on the front, so these were relegated to the back. I used a Denyse Schmidt grey spot and a Robert Kaufman green for the back. The binding is Tula Pink Parisville in a red and purple.


I just did an all-over stipple in a Superior thread to blend in with the Charcoal, and then did machine binding, as I was too lazy to spend the next day or two hand sewing the binding down.

Granny square quilt

Granny Square quilt


The poor old girls don't have much to eat at the moment...we are desperate for rain.

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  1. I do like this block set with the charcoal - yes, it really makes them pop! We have gone from heavy snows to heavy rains - hope our town doesn't float away again.

  2. I love the dark too. Makes the colors pop. Great finish!

  3. Great finish Deb. Sorry you still haven't had the rain you need.

  4. The colors look fabulous on that background. I really like how you kept the extra blocks and used them for a story on the back. We have had very little snow this winter, but would be happy to let you have the spring moisture we usually get!

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous, Deb! I love it on the charcoal - those colors just glow!! I just finished my first granny square top - love the block! I'll be making more...


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