Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A dark, dark day for NZ

No doubt many of you have heard about the Christchurch earthquake yesterday that has destroyed a beautiful city and taken so many lives.  It was bad enough Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake in September and then we had the mining tragedy where so many lives were lost just weeks after.  Now, Mother Nature has shown us her ferocity again and attacked without thought or regard....a mother killed as she clung to her baby in her arms, people crushed as buildings fell on their cars or the bus they were in, office workers trapped in their buildings, unbearable pain and sadness amongst the tragedy.

Our iconic beautiful cathedral in the heart of Christchurch, before & after

Photos courtesy of the TV 3 news website

The government is reporting that it is our worst national disaster.  Stay strong, fellow Cantabrians. our thoughts are with you.


  1. You have all the love and thoughts of your Australian neighbours. We are simply shattered for you all.

  2. This is terrible! I hope you are all well. Our prayers are coming your way. (thanks for the follow on my blog) ;)

  3. very sad. thinking of you all. cheers, shannon


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