Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday baking

With 5 kids every second weekend, I invariably find that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, on the alternate weekends we don't have the kids, I do not go near the kitchen to cook dinner and I eat out every day!  I love baking though and don't count that as a chore, so most Sundays I generally bake for the week ahead for the kids lunches.  Of course, it usually only lasts til Wednesday if I am lucky!! I always try to make something I haven't made before and since I have a whole bookcase of cooking books, it is not hard to find inspiration!! It's a bit of a standing joke with my family and myself. Whenever I buy any books they always know it will be either a cooking book or a quilting book at the moment!!

Anyway, one of the scrumptious delights I made today was Annabel Langebein's Magic Chocolate Cake
I enjoy Annabel's style and her recipes are always so easy.  I haven't made this before and the addition of pumpkin intrigued me. However, this made it extremely moist and it was very flavorsome. The kids have already demolished half of it and given it the thumbs up! What I liked about this cake was that it was so easy. Just throw everything in the processor and that's it! I used some cooked, mashed pumpkin I had in the freezer, but you couldn't taste the pumpkin at all. I had a competition with the kids to see if they could guess what the secret ingredient was as they all vow and declare they  just *hate* pumpkin!! Well, none of them guessed and they all came back for seconds once they did find out!

 Yummo!! How does that look for fudgey decadence....


  1. yummo!! that looks divine, I'll definately try this one day soon - love the idea of the "secret" ingredient too. Thanks for sharing Deb :)

  2. Love the look of that chocolate cake - I can feel the kilos piling on just looking at it.


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