Friday, August 22, 2008

Wellington was fun

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I have always liked Wellington with its diverse culture, great cafes and restaurants and unique setting. A mix of old and new. History and modern side by side. By world standards it is a very compact city. The central city is easily walkable and Tony and I spent many hours walking, trying new cafes, drinking coffee, taking in the city and watching the world go by. Such a varying mix of people from the bohemian to the business workers.

Found some fantastic second hand bookshops that were very conducive to plonking oneself down in a comfy couch and lazing the day away with a book. Managed to score a couple of cookbooks by Nigella Lawson that I have been hankering after for a while. Tony came away with an armful of books too, much to his delight.

Unfortunately, I had to go to my university course on Monday and Tuesday, so my days became filled with confidence intervals, p values and ratios. Tedious stuff, but all very necessary in understanding medical and nursing research. Managed to break the tedium one day and met Lisa for lunch. Stayed the night with another friend Cath and her family which was loads of fun.

Tuesday was my birthday and Tony gave me 4 new charms for my Pandora bracelet. He has good taste that man! Better than the concrete smoking frog my ex husband gave me one year. I am sure some of you remember that!!! No wonder we divorced lol. The four new ones are the money bag (cos I am always shopping), the ball with the hearts (cos he lurves me), the hedgehog (cos I am such a prickly character at times!) and the handbag (cos I love bags and shopping)


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I remember the frog. ROFLMAO. Sounds like you chose better this time. :D

  2. Oh yes, the infamous frog! What beads did you get? I'm dropping massive hints for my birthday about the ones I'd like next. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Ok have added a piccie of the bracelet and why he chose the ones he did. Hmmm, don't agree about the hedgehog tho lol

  4. The hedgehog one! LOL, that's funny. I've often wondered who buys that one and why. I've just recently got a couple of blue glass ones - for water, I've been learning to swim properly this year. I'll shout myself another if I ever conquer the breaststroke. Not looking good...

  5. Oh yes, definitely remember the smoking frog. LOL Much better gift this time around. Think you have a keeper. =)


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