Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Only 4 months to go

until we get married in Rarotonga. We did a crazy thing in the weekend though and decided to take our 5 kids with us! Insane or what?!! So we are downgrading from our very expensive 5 star luxury accommodation that doesn't allow children to something a bit cheaper and more child friendly. Unfortunately, we have probably left it a bit late and our choices are limited. Most of the hotel style accommodations are full so we are looking at a holiday house to rent instead. Even then most of those have already gone so it's either something really cheap away from the water or something really expensive with a lagoon view. And trying to find something that will accommodate all 7 of us is a nightmare.

Anyway the kids are so excited that they are coming with us so no matter what we end up with it will just be nice to have them there on our special day.


  1. I think that's totally awesome!~ I hope you all have a fantastic time!

  2. Hi Deb,how awesome you're getting married in Raro. We had our honeymoon there in late October 2005 and it was wonderful. We're actually thinking about booking a trip there again sooon :)

  3. Only 4 months - you must be getting excited. I'm totally jealous as Fiji is on hold for us til next year. Good luck with the planning etc.


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