Monday, April 30, 2007

Feijoa Season is upon us

My absolutely favourite fruit of all time is finally in season. We hae an abundance of feijoa trees and if I eat another feijoa I will turn into one. The kids collected up the excess ones and decided to sell them at the gate. Business was a bit slow to start with so Tony thought he would get out there with his hi-viz vest and hat to help things along a bit. Think the passersby felt sorry for the kids saddled with the loony so everyone started stopping and buying the feijoas!! The kids made quite a tidy little sum so guess what they will be doing after school today!!

I haven't had a lot of spare time lately. Head down, bum up doing assignments but next one isn't due for 6 weeks so am having a breather this week. Tony and I went to Taupo this weekend for some R & R. We stayed in a motel right on the lake front which was just beautiful. Went for a walk along to the Taupo know I did a sky dive at 10,000 feet but I wouldn't do a bungy! There is just something slightly insane about throwing yourself into mid-air with nothing but a bit of elastic supporting you. Spectacular setting for it though.

Kids decided they want another cat despite having lost 2 in under a year. We are going to have a look at some later this week. They are all rescued kittens and we will probably get a couple so they are company for one another. We had a look online last night...too hard to choose.


  1. I have never heard of those fruits, have to investigate to see if I can get them here...or you'll just have to take a trip to canada, I'll buy some! lol...ooohhh kitties! Good luck with your choice, I'd have to take ALL of them lol

  2. I've never heard of them either but if you like them that much I'm going to have to investigate. I love the pic of the kids and Tony!

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    What the heck are feijoas? I don't know if that sounds appealing. LOL! I love the pic of Tony 'helping' out. How sweet of him! Good luck in choosing your next kitty!

  4. Enterprising little bunnies... our kids did the same with walnuts on the farm. And they sold the 'free range' eggs to Tim's ambo colleagues for ridiculous prices. Enjoy your week off, hope the study is going well.

  5. So they're a kind of guava? I did a quick google search and found "Large quantities are grown in New Zealand, where the fruit is a popular garden tree and the fruit is commonly available in season."


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