Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another weekend over too quickly

Had an awesome weekend. No kids, just me and Tony and peace and quiet all weekend. No "Mum I'm hungry". "Mum, he's looking at me". Mum, I'm bored". "Mum, she pushed me". Sound familiar anyone? lol.

So Friday night we headed out to Raglan and had fish and chips on the beach watching the sun set. Stunning. Saturday we didn't get up til 1pm!! How decadent is that. Had a wedding to go to that night and that was awesome. Second time round for both of them and they looked so much in love. Warm fuzzies all round. Sunday we had another leisurely lie in and then went for brunch at the Persimmon Tree cafe in Pirongia. They make the best trim latte there. I totally pogged out and had a delicious Thai beef salad followed by a huge piece of Passionfruit cheesecake. Divine! Couldn't eat for the rest of the day. Cool setting right at the base of Pirongia mountain and we spent a couple of hours there just drinking coffee and reading the papers.

Love those lazy weekends. Back to reality now as kids all home :-)

Now the stitching bug has long since left me but Hannah just loves the bag that Pauline made for her daughter so I am going shopping later for fabric. Could be the start of a whole new hobby!!


  1. Ahhhhhhh sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    Well you can do what I'm doing.... taking my stitching and turning it into a bag (mine's smaller than Pauline's though--I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done).

  2. Ah the weekend sounds wonderful. Your last pizza post got me inspired and we came up with some real goumet ones on Sat night. How was the exam?

  3. Ugh, don't ask. Talk about ambiguous questions. A lot were ecenario dependent as well. There were lots of complaints about it. I passed all the practical 100% but only got 72% on the written. Am going back tomorrow to resit. Pass mark is 80%.

  4. Good luck tomorrow. A paramedic I know recently had a similar experience. His exam was for entry to an upskill course and the exam asked questions about things that are going to be taught in the course. He was a bit cross.

  5. LOL You pogged out. Oh Deb, I miss chatting with you. Sorry the exam was crap. I hope it's better the second time around.


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